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日期:2008-03-19 来源:荣光无限 作者:Robin 浏览: 字号:TT

Leslie Cheung - Big Heat (2000.8)


01. Me

I am what I am, What a special me
How lucky that this is not only one footprint in the world
The God created us, each of whom is permitted by him
I feel so lucky to live happily above my roof
Holding my heart, telling the world what is so-called brave

What I am (I'm a miracle)

I'm one in ten
The narcissus' song is flying over the grape yard
What I am (I'm a miracle)
I'm one of the sand in the world
The stolen is so much bigger than I am
While I still like myself
I'm so lucky to live on the up and up in the world
Depend on my confidence
Telling the world what is so-called brave

I'm so grateful to be born as what I am


02.Big Heat

I run towards you
Like run towards a cliff
I want to hug you
Hug you till you rot
If you can't comprehend it
How can you understand love till the end
To love the world is not as grand as love you
To kiss you will make me more arrogant
When my dream comes true
The wide earth and high heaven collapse at once
Depends on my flesh and my body
With love fire burning inside
I can flaunt the power of destroy
Who is stirring up trouble
My hyperpyrexia will melt steel and stone away
Big heat, Like superpose of equator
It is the destiny that if we separate
There will be great calamity in the world
The meteorite will finally afoul and wear away
Big heat, The more you love the more crazy you become
Jealous, As strong as the flame
Vigor, Casts steel and iron
How could the world war be as resoundingly as love


03. Love in Houston

I feel like stepping on the moon
I lost your hand lost my weight and no one is here to save me
I lost contact with Houston
Have you got my message
I only know I used to wander with you
I don't know the gravitation is lost
We are so far far way but I still want to say, how I want to say

Please don't release your hand
I walk as I listen as I talk
Until the end of the road No flower no grass
Only denes were left Come on listen listen you listen
Nothing is behind me within thousand miles
Nothing left but the sand playing with the wind
Though I'm already on the moon
View and admire the wonderful earth you are living at
I'm so far far away from Houston
Is there any distinction indeed?
Though I'm wandering by myself
I still want to wish you a happy future and splendid life
We are so far far way can you hear me
If not , please don't release your hand


04. Someone is Beside You

Kissed you in the phone
Stumbling into a world of ice and snow
Felt like executing you with my hands many years ago
I took it as my responsibility to comfort you
But before I could say something to console you
You had already said, “I am alright.”

*Mixing with intermittent dialogues
Came a sound of guitar through the phone
It seemed to chime in with my selfishness
Though deserted you have no right to let someone stay in your home
But it turned out that you have someone beside you
And in your heart

Your heart is on someone who is beside you
So I need not to be responsible and blame myself
(Repeat *)


05. Miracle

Don't envy or mimic this play
I have almost felt like killing myself
I have lived such a petty and low life
Just to keep him from departing me
Behind this love is a legend like that of a young orphan

*It is not pure luck that heaven falls in love with earth
I almost could not bear to remember
The sunlit and enchanting scene of spring at this moment
I couldn't stop wailing that day
And stopped just for the happiness of my companion
After so much ulterior bitterness
And so much time spent in waiting
My old dream finally came true
When I can share my life with you
After so much ulterior pain
And so much grief engraved on my bones and heart
I got the love in return
And brands all over my body
We matched each other finally
(Repeat *)


06. Don't Lie to Me

Feel free to lie, but don't forget what you lied
You said the work kept you from coming home
Or your lovelorn friend had done something wrong
When you get crazy, I am crazy as you
I just hate you lie to me again and again
Your apology became a luxurious act
If you want to keep it from the world
(If you still have senses now)
Think twice before you start, yeah! yeah!
But if you want to keep it from me
You've got to rack your brain
Make up a good story and speak to me
I don't want to hear incoherent talk
Lovelorn friend, busy work
More than once you couldn't make it home
I know, but I don't want to know
We agreed that we could find some fun occasionally
But now I felt shame at the agreement
(Repeat *)

Put down my suspect and take it as nothing has happened
I just hope we can start all over again and be happy together
If the whole world knows (if the whole world knows)
Except me (except me)
If the whole world doesn't love you (doesn't love you)
Except me (except me)
I love you too much to forgive everything
(Repeat *)

Why did you lie to me?
Why did you lie to me?


07. Afternoon Black Tea

There are so many ideals and some are beyond my reach
Some might not be the same when you get it
Some time or another I attempted an ineffective solution
Like enjoying the cool in suffocating heat
If I would be got shot by kissing you
I would rather use my imagination to do so
Both you and me want no serious injury any more
Landscape paintings are for enjoyment only
It is no way to live in the scenes

* Face to face, it's difficult to yawn looking at the pillow
Whisking the coffee cup mat
My happiness came in a natural way
I always found
That all happy couples are putting on shows
In fact nine out of ten live just like us
Have black tea or coffee for ten decades
It would be horrible to lose integrity
Drink a cup of black tea in this afternoon
If getting a breakfast melts you
Declined any conversations as the sunset approached
I put down the teacup before the cup ear cracked
Nobody is interested in visiting your house
After drinking half cup of tea
It was hotter than the fireworks half the sky
Do not keep think of your lover in early hours
(Repeat *)


08. Without Love

Without you, sleeping becomes meaningless
With you in my arms I forget my body
Being able to be agonizing for you
Makes me realize giving is better than getting
Understanding how to be excited
Makes me realize fever is better than coolness

*Swaying heart, lightly trembling hands
You didn't love as long as you live
You didn't show off your beautiful eyes
But I didn't love to my heart's content
How can I get satisfactory?
Maybe feeling guilty, sleeping becomes meaningless without love
Forgetting love, it is pointless to love the body anymore
Being able to agonizing for you
Makes me realize missing the past is better than ending
Understanding how to be excited
Makes me realize heartbreaking is better than unwinding
(Repeat *)


09. Wish You to Decide

The days have gone away gently
As gently as midnight wind
When you just feel it it has already gone
How many old songs were there in the past?
I will never forget
In the fleeting time and emptiness
There is such a wonderful song
The melody is filled with your love
The notes of this love song originated from your laughter
Every time my heart broke
Every time I suffered a setback and tumbled
I listened to this old melody attentively
And everything was reborn
In fleeting time and emptiness all ice cold became warm

*I always wished you to decide to live a wonderful life with me
I came without love but went full of love
I wished we were destined
No matter how violent the storm is
Please allow you and me live a happy life (live a happy life)
When I go away in the future
As gently as the midnight wind
You will sense that I have never been away
I will still exist in the form of an old melody
When you revive me in a daze and in memory
All ice cold becomes warm
(Repeat *)


10. Smoke and Flowers

*No matter how fun the game is it is only burning your time off
How difficult would it be to refuse it?
If you go on it would be more difficult
Mysterious spark will wither sooner or later
You will get used to it even it is hard to get used to
The unlovable will become lovable and splendid
How many nights have you loved him?
How ordinary you used to be and how mediocre your dinners were
The more you look at it, the more splendid it seems
Just like closing your eyes
Fireworks in the past is like your eyebrows

If the floating clouds have no smoke
There are always flowers in the garden
Don't fall in love with the borrowed beauty
Your childhood was as wonderful as a picture without him
You don't depend on it to inhale and exhale everyday
So who would miss it?
(Repeat *)

If looking up you can't find smoke
There are always flowers in your heart
After burning and dispersing
Fireworks are always like snow white
Memory would not miss him if you never have him
So don't be scared
You would inhale and exhale just the same
(Repeat △)

11. Fever( Mandarin version)

Let me embrace you or let me get crazy
Let me miss you or let me die
If I love, I would make the love the most unforgettable
Be everlasting or be unchanging
Accompany me forever or accompany me eternally
Walk me to the hell or walk me to the heaven

*I will never depart you even if I was dissolved
My love will never compromise
Let my blood burn and let the world be destroyed for you
My love is a fever, my love is a hurricane
You can't escape from fate even if you run miles away
Let us hold each other and let our hair entangle together
Let me burn and let me get fever
My love is a hurricane
Let me love to an incurable degree
And faint in your arms
It is no big deal even if the end of the world came
(Repeat *)


12. Me (Mandarin version)

I am what I am
I always love me just the way I am
The happiest thing is the way to happiness isn't limited to one
The luckiest thing is everybody is the honor of the Creator
No need to hide and live the life I like
No need to gloss over and stand at the corner of light

*I am what I am
I am firework of different colors
As boundless as the sea and sky
I would be the strongest foam
I love what I am
Let the rose blossom in a certain way
Let it blossom even in the lonely desert
I live happily in my colored glaze house
And tell the world what is openness and aboveboard
(Repeat *)

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